Cell Cycle

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Cell Cycle

Metaphase: Stage 2(Mitosis)Chromosomes line up along the cell equator, and fibers attach to the chromosome pairs.

Interphase:Stage 1In interphase, chromosmes inside the nucleus double. Centromeres are formed on the chromosomes.

Telophase: Stage 2 (Mitosis) The nuclear membrane forms around two sets of chromosomes, and the fibers attached to the chromosomes disappear.

Prophase: Stage 2 (Mitosis)Chromatin in the nucleus condenses to make chromosmes. Fibers form between pairs of centrioles and attach to centromeres. Centrioles move to opposite sides of the cell.

Anaphase:Stage 2(Mitosis)Chroatids seperate, and are pulled to opposite sides of the cell by the fibers attached to the centrioles.

Cytokinesis:Stage 3In cytokinesis, the cytoplasm splits in two, and it creates two identical cells. After cytokinesis, two daughter cells are created because they were copied, and have the same DNA. The process begins again after cytokinesis is complete.

Cell Cycle


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