Cell Cycle Infographic

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Cell Biology

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Cell Cycle Infographic

Cell Cycle Infographic

Step One- InterphaseDuring interphase, the cell grows and grows whenever it can. It still carries out the normal tasks as would a regular cell, such as making energy and adapting to the environment around it. However, at the same time, this cell is duplicating each chromosome it has to make exact copies that will be used by the new cell. Interphase is the longest part of the cell cycle.

Step Twp- ProphaseProphase is the phase when the cell's D.N.A. begins to be replicated. This D.N.A. will be for the new cell. The cell will move certain organelles around to prepare itself.

Step Three- MetaphaseThis is the metaphase. During the metaphase, the cell turns the D.N.A. into chromosomes. The chromosomes line up along the cell wall and wait to be transferred to the new cell.

Step Five- TelophaseThe telophase is the final part of the process. During the telophase, the cell membrane closes, splitting the cell into two cell, each with half of the original D.N.A.

Step Four- AnaphaseWhen the anaphase begins, half of the newly developed chromosomes are pulled to one side of the cell and the other half are pulled to the other side.


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