Cell Anology Project

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Cell Anology Project

Cell Anology Project.Anology: SchoolBy Sergio Villar and Billy Apodaca

Cell WallThe Cell Wall is like the gates around the school. It keeps the school safe.

Cell MembraneThe Cell Membrane is sort of like the front entrance of the school. It lets people in or out.

CytosolThe Cytosol is like the campus at school because everything just sits on the floor of the campus, just like the organelles do in the cell.

NucleusThe Nucleus is similar to the principals office because thats where the school is controlled from.

LyosomesThe Lyosome is like the trashcans at school because that is where all the trash goes like in a cell.

MitochondriaIs like the cafeteria because it gives the student the energy to work.

Endoplasmic ReticulumIs similar to the hallways of the school because the ER are the highways of the Ribosomes.

VacuoleIs similar to the records room at school because that is where all the important info is held.

ChloroplastIs like the solar panels of your school or the plants at school because they gather energy from the sun and make the school green.

Golgi BodiesSimilar to the classroom at school because that is where they prep you for middle school.

NucleolusIs like the principal because she or he controls everything and makes decisions.

Ribosomesstudents because they go through the walkways of the school, stay in school for years of high school, then get ready to leave the school by taking SAT and ACT tests just like ribosomes go through the ER, sit in the cytoplasm, then get packaged by the golgi body.



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