Cell analogy - crystal lake central

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Cell Biology

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Cell analogy - crystal lake central

Cell Membrane: The Outside School Building- the outside of the building alows things in and also keeps things out

Cell Analogy: Crystal Lake Central

Chromosome: The Principal, Mr. Olsen- contains and controls the DNA, like the people, he untangles problems like it untangles chromatin

Endoplasmic Reticulum: The Hallway- transports protiens and other substances throughout the cell like a hallway transports kids, also a ER has ribosomes, like a hallway has lockers.

Vacuole: The Bathroom- The Vacuole is the fluid sac that stores wasye and water, while th bathrooms at Crystal Lake Central hold water and get rid of waste.

Golgi Apparatus: The Classrooms- The Golgi modifies, collects, and packages substances made by the cell like the classroom modifies and collects students while they learn.

The Cytoskeleton: Teachers- Cytoskeletons support, strengthen, and shape the cell, just like teachers support, and make up the school. Without them, there would be no school, without the cytoskeleton, there would be no cell.

Cytoplasm: The Students in Central- Cytoplasm is the jelly like subsyance in the cell, surrounds organelles like the students are inside the school all over, they surround the classes and halls like the organelles.

The Nucleous: The Principal's Office- The Nucleous is the control center of the cell containing DNA, like a principals office controls all decisions made by the school, its the control center of the school.

Mitochondria: The Main Office- Mitochondria is the power house of the cell, just like the main office is the powerhouse of the school. There both the main part of the cell and school.

Lysosome: The Libary- The Lysosome contains digestive enzymes needed to destroy worn ouyt parts of the cell like the libary and its books are needed to destroy unnecessary knowledge to make room for new knowledge.

The Lockers: Ribosomes- Ribosomes can be attached to the ER(Hallway) Ribosomes are attached to the ER like lockers are attached to a hallway.


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