CE.E.2.3 Government Policies Impact

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Social Studies

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CE.E.2.3 Government Policies Impact

United Nations (UN)-Created in 1945 -50 original members (193 members now)-Main purpose: maintain international peace, develop friendly relations among nations, promote justice, seek solutions to international problems.1.) General Assembly2.) Security Council3.) Secretariat4.) International Court of Justice5.) Economies and Social Council6.) Trusteeship CouncilUN Agencies-World Health Organization-UNICEF-World Bank-International Monetary FundSuccesses of the U.N.-meeting place to discuss mutal problems-settle wars between small nations-fights sickness, poverty, and ignorance-hander to settle disputs and prevent wars, lack of cooperation between members of the Security Council.-Taken greater peacekeeping roleBasic Human Rights-safety, food, shelter-1948: adopted the Universal Declaration of Human RightsSpread of DemocracyU.N. encourages the spread of democracy and human rightsSouth Africa and apartheid laws in 1948, racial discrimination was institutionalized until 1994. Embargo: the partial or complete prohibition of commerce and trade with a particular countryEconomic sanctions: Economic sanctions are domestic penalties applied by one country (or group of countries) on another country (or group of countries). Economic sanctions may include various forms of trade barriers and restrictions on financial transactions.Cuba: arms embargo first, quota of brown sugar after Cuban government's seizure of US properties, further trade restrictions due to ties with Soviet UnionCold War: 1945 Soviet Union dominated Eastern Europe. U.S. and allies afraid of expansion. 2 sides: free nations of West and Communists-Clash of ideas-1991 Soviet Union falls-Satellites wanted freedom to governTerrorism9/11/2001G.W. Bush wanted war on terror-commitment to democracy and liberty around the world

What is internationalism?Internationalism is when nations cooperate to promote common goals.

CE.E.2.3: Explain the impact of government policies on international trade.



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