cchristmann the connection

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cchristmann the connection

The Connection

Looking at Lucille Ball's journey as a whole, her journey was very similar to that of others but at the same time, it is extremely unique. Lucille Ball is an example of a person who started with nothing and made her way to the top with hard work and dedication. If there is anything I have learned from studying Lucy's life journey it is that I shouldn't let setbacks get the best of me. At the tender age of four years old, Lucy watched her father die from typhoid fever and at the peak of her career, she experienced a divorce with her first husband Desi Arnaz. These setbacks, along with many others, gave Lucy the choice to sit back and just watch life go by as she crys about her losses, or get back up on her feet and continue her journey. Although it wasn't always easy for her to do, Lucy chose to continue her journey everytime. The example of perseverance that Lucille Ball set will really apply to me next year as my family and I will start our new lives in Midland, Texas. There are going to be alot of moments when I'm just going to want to give up but just as legend Lucille Ball did, I'll have to stand back up and continue my journey.



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