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Oct. 1 1838 HI my name is Sun Dance I am 17 years old. I have bufflo skin on my body as clothes. My tribe is the Cherokee in Georgia. Other people took over our land and force us to leave. We were forced to walk, ride in wagoon, and flatboats. They supplied us with blankets, little amount of food. And we brought most of the stuff from home.Oct. 5, 1838 We are still on the trail of tears alot of people are dying of diseases and I'm getting sick. Everybody is crying because peoples feet hurt, there hungry, thirsty, and tired. We are stoping in Arkansas. We are laying by the fire, as my dad, Runs With the Water is telling stories about his family when he was growing up. Oct. 8 1839 We are traveling and hungry so we are looking for food to eat. We are eating fruits and deer meat, we got it from shooting it with a bow. We are seeing alot of animals like, deer, bears, snakes, birds, mountain goats and fish in the rivers.Feb. 5, 1839 Finally after 4 months we made it to are homes in Oklahoma


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