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Plan CBL AssessmentKWL is a great strategy for getting data on what students know about a unit prior to instruction, what they want to learn more about, and, to track their learning growth during the experience.

Craft a Driving QuestionCaptures and communicates the purposeIt creates interest and a feeling of challenge so that even the most reluctant student wants to participate.

Map it, Manage itRecognize the difference between traditional "activities" and well-designed standards-focused actions.

ReflectionIn working with the dynamics of a group, the importance of self-evaluation, reflection and feedback between students is invaluable.

What is it? Challenge Based Learning is collaborative and hands-on approach to teaching and learning, that asks students to work with peers, teachers, and experts in their communities and around the world to ask good questions, develop deep subject area knowledge, identify and solve challenges, take action, and then share their experience.

Begin with the End in MindDesigning any quality instruction, units and lessons, starts with what outcomes we expect of students.What should students know, understand, and be able to do?

Expected OutcomesGreater depth of understanding of conceptsBroader knowledge base Improved communication and interpersonal/social skills Enhanced leadership skills, Increased creativity Improved writing skills






Purrrrfect for any CBL lesson or project



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