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Copyright & Plagiarism

Cite Your Sources


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Let's say you make up some lyrics for a song. You work really hard and come up with your own words. You could get this copyrighted! Why? A copyright gives you property of your work and helps you protect it. Some people will want to use your work and take credit, which is stealing or plagiarizing. Click on "Copyright & Plagiarism" to find out more!

So you have to do some research for a project.... Once you start finding some good information, write down the sources you use. When your project is due you will need to include those sources so that you don't plagiarize. Also, there is a certain format you need to use when citing your sources. Click on "Cite Your Sources" to find out more.

Whether you want to look up the score of last night's game or need to hit the books for a school project, we have the resources for you. Click on "Resources" to find some great sources and learn when to use a variety of resources such as search engines, online databases, ebooks, and websites.



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