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Chapter 1:Odysseus Lands in Phaeacia"For ten years the Trojans fought bravely to save their city""He was Athena's favorite because of his great wisdom and cunning."

Chapter 2:Odysseus and the Cyclops"This is the tall tale Odysseus told King Alcinous and his company.""When they were in he lifted a giant stone and closed the entrance."

Chapter 3:Odysseus and Circe"But in the food Circe put a powerful drug.""It is my duty to go and find out what happend tomy men."

Chapter 4:The Folly of Odysseus's men"Come with me, Odysseus and I will tell you what troubles are ahead of you.""There are many dangers that await you, but if you will heed my advice, you may yet return to Ithaca."

Chapter 5:Odysseus returns to Ithaca"Athena in her wisdom had covered the land with a mist so that odysseus did not recognize it.""You know about the suitors who want to marry mother."

The Odyssey




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