Cayde's rainforest brochure

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Environmental Studies

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Cayde's rainforest brochure

There are three layers in the rainforest. The Forest Floor, the Understory, the canopy, and the emergent trees. At ground level is the forest floor where leafy plants and big cats are. It is very dim because of the huge trees above. Above that is the Understory tree sapligs grow there. Above the Understory is the Canopy the canopy has the most rainforest life including tucanns and monkeies.

You may be wandering where these tropical paridises are located. Well most rainforests are in between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. They are both imaginary lines.

The Tropic of Capricorn___________________________________________________

The Tropic of Cancer ________________________________________________________

Intresting Plant Facts

1.There is a flower in the asian rainforests that is theree feet in lenght across!2. Water and debris can collect in some epiphytes that provides ponds for the frogs.3. rainforest roots are shallow so they can keep the tall tree up.4. The forest floor is shaded by all the trees in the canopy and emergent layer.

The Equator__________________________________________________

The rainforest is full of animals from Monkies to humming birds that is why I am going to put it into categories.

Reptiles1.Snakes2.boa constrictor3.Frogs orangut4.Bats5.Sloths6.Jagaur7.Tamanda

Birds1. Toucan2.Harpy Eagle3. Hummingbirds

FishPiranhasCatfishelectric eel






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