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Environmental Studies

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Twilight ZoneThe twilight zone is a cool, damp place with some light. It is home to cave crickets and cave beetles.

Caves are dark and damp. The animals that live there are adapted to the dark.

Some caves are found in cliffs at the edge of a coastline. Others form in areas where the outer surface of a lava tube cools and hardens, and the molten rock’s inner content drains away.

The area where the cave opens to the surface is called the entrance zone it is a cool, shaded area. The entrance zone is home to some small rodents, spiders, beetles, earthworms, salamanders, snakes, millipedes, and other animals seeking shelter in the cave entrance.

A cave is a hollow place in the ground. Caves form naturally by the weathering of rock and often extend deep underground.

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Bats! These pesky mammals.

Some animals that live in caves are birds, crustaceans, fish, gastropods, insects, mammals, mussels, plants and reptiles.

There aren't much plants because it so dark. Spring Beauty , Twinleaf, Hepatica, Yellow Corydalis, Violets, Trout Lily, Bluebells, and May Apple are some flowers that live near rivers in the cave.


Mushrooms can be found in caves.

Caves formed at the same time as the surrounding rock, which are called primary caves.Sea caves are found along coasts around the world. Littoral caves, which are formed by wave action in zones of weakness in sea cliffs.

Different Kind of Caves

Glacier caves are formed by melting ice and flowing water under glaciers.Corrasional or erosional caves are those that form entirely by erosion by flowing streams carrying rocks and other sediments. These can form in any type of rock, including hard rocks such as granite.




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