Caves, Arches And Stacks

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Environmental Studies

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Caves, Arches And Stacks

As the wave action continues around the rock, the rock further erodes. However, in some cases, the headland remains. This forms an arch.

Created and eroded from wave action and weathering

Caves, Arches, and Stacks

Large rock regularly have cracks in them. Occasionally, these cracks will deepen with headland over them, forming caves.

As the rock further erodes, the headland eventually caves in leaving a stack.

Famous Sites

Left: Benagil Sea Cave in Portugal

Right: Bako National Park in Malaysia

Disclaimer: While the scenary is very beautiful, it is unsafe to live on any of these landforms. Firstly, it would be irritatting to constantly have waves hitting your home. That alone will probably damage your house. Additionally, living above a cave is unsafe, because it may be unstable and the cave may not last long as a landform because of eroding. The same goes for arches. Lastly, more than likely there is no room on top of a stack to build anything.


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