Causes of World War I.

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World War I

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Causes of World War I.

Causes ofWorld War I

Austria-Hungary's ultimatum to Serbia(1) To suppress any publication which incites to hatred and contempt of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the general tendency of which is directed against its territorial integrity;(2) To dissolve immediately the society styled "Narodna Odbrana," to confiscate all its means of propaganda, and to proceed in the same manner against other societies and their branches in Serbia which engage in propaganda against the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The Royal Government shall take the necessary measures to prevent the societies dissolved from continuing their activity under another name and form;(3) To eliminate without delay from public instruction in Serbia, both as regards the teaching body and also as regards the methods of instruction, everything that serves, or might serve, to foment the propaganda against Austria-Hungary;(4) To remove from the military service, and from the administration in general, all officers and functionaries guilty of propaganda against the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy whose names and deeds the Austro-Hungarian Government reserve to themselves the right of communicating to the Royal Government;(5) To accept the collaboration in Serbia of representatives of the Austro-Hungarian Government for the suppression of the subversive movement directed against the territorial integrity of the Monarchy;(6) To take judicial proceedings against accessories to the plot of the 28th of June who are on Serbian territory; delegates of the Austro-Hungarian Government will take part in the investigation relating thereto;(7) To proceed without delay to the arrest of Major Voija Tankositch and of the individual named Milan Ciganovitch, a Serbian State employee, who have been compromised by the results of the magisterial inquiry at Serajevo;(8) To prevent by effective measures the cooperation of the Serbian authorities in the illicit traffic in arms and explosives across the frontier, to dismiss and punish severely the officials of the frontier service at Shabatz Loznica guilty of having assisted the perpetrators of the Serajevo crime by facilitating their passage across the frontier;(9) To furnish the Imperial and Royal Government with explanations regarding the unjustifiable utterances of high Serbian officials, both in Serbia and abroad, who, notwithstanding their official position, have not hesitated since the crime of the 28th of June to express themselves in interviews in terms of hostility to the Austro-Hungarian Government; and, finally,(10) To notify the Imperial and Royal Government without delay of the execution of the measures comprised under the preceding heads.

Unification of Germany under Otto Von BismarkBicmark, in his time of election, had the desire to put together all smaller Germanic states.Many of which were located throughout Austria, creating an angst almost immediately from Australia. After his success in the seven week war in Austria, Birmark determined that he and Germany should have the states in the south. With the progression of his greed the Prussian army had war declared against them. A war's creation that was "assisted" with by Bismark by furthering other countries anger and thus developing resoning for declaration of war.

History behind the two major alliancesIt is daid that the core of the two major alliances can be datess back to Bismarck's "renowned intrigues" as he had set about developing a unified Germany fom the loose assembly of German confederated states in the 1860s.

Balkan Wars1912- Italy versus Turkey. Countinued the was between Italy and Turkey over turkey's african posessions. upon turkeys loss turkey was forced to hand over Libya, Rhodes, and Dodecanese Islands to the Italians. 1912 (Part II)- the first balkan war With peace with the italians came war with four small nations over the psession of the balkan territories: Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, and later Montenegro.1913- the second war Bulgaria being unsatisified with its earlier spoils fought with its recent allies over a control of a greater part of Macedonia. Romania captured Bulgarian Capital sophia in August and lost Adrianople back to Turkey

By Samantha Wiater & Kendall Riess

Events of June 28, 1914 With the assination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the austro- Hungarian throne aimed its anger not only to the black hand but serbia as a whole. Amoung other things Austria-Hungary made its 10th requirement and its ultimatium that Austria-hungary would be able to take any accomplis involved in the assinaton.

How Countries were pulled into WWIAustria-Hungary/ Serbia Archduke Ferdinand Francis was murdered by the Black Hand (a Serbia based group) and gave Serbia an ultimatum to either agree to ten requirements or they would go to war. Serbia agreed to nine of the ten requirements but refused to allow Austria-Hungary take their peopleRussia Announced it's mobilization of the army in support of Serbia, bound by treaty that they would assist.Germany As was allied to Austria-Hungary Germany saw the mobilization of Russia's army as an act of war and declared war against Russia on August 1France- France found itself at war with Germany as it was bound by treaty to Russia, and by extension, Austria-HungaryBritain Allied to France by a loose, marolly based treaty, Britain declared war against Germany on August 4 Britains ectry brought with military and finacial assistance from her colonies and dominions: Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, and the Union of South AfricaUnited States Woodrow Wilson declared a absolute neutrality policy of the US- a stance that would last untill 1917. This being the time that Germnay's policy of submarine warfare seriously threatened America's commercial shipping forced the US to enter the war in April of 1917 even thought the threat was aimed mainly towards Britian and FranceJapan Declared war on Germany to honour the military agreement with BritainItaly Was able to avoid entering the war in support of it's allies Germany and Austria-Hungary saying that Italy would assist only in the case of 'defensive war.' Eventually joined the war through siding with her two former allied


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