Cause and Effect

by lynnbradley
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Language Arts
Reading Comprehension

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Cause and Effect

How does one action effect many other actions? What is a chain reaction? Where do we see cause and effect in everyday life? How do we recognize which is the cause and which is the effects? How do we use it in our learning? So many questions! Let's explore to find some answers.

Hit the tiles and watch what happens.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Lists of signal words in attachment

Use the link above to make a cause/effect chart about "If You Give a Mouse "

Because the shark was so near, the striped fish hid in the coral.

The Pumpkin in the Jar

The is a copy of the story in the attachments for you to read.

Read the story and answer the questions.

Practice working with cause/effect question.

"The New Addition"A story to enjoy and an activity which follows.

Cause and Effect The Law of ConsequencesThe purpose of this unit is to teach:That nothing ever happens by accident. Something causes it to happenThat what happens in the beginning determines what happens at the end.That, in addition to. in the physical, cause and effect operates in relationships.It is best to treat others as you would like them to treat you.



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