Cause And Effect

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Cause And Effect

What is static electricity? Atoms are made up of neutrons, protons, and electrons. The electrons are spinning around the outside. A static charge is formed when two surfaces touch each other and the electrons move from one object to another. One object will have a positive charge and the other a negative charge. Rubbing the items quickly, like when you rub a balloon fast on your head causes your hair to stand up. This is the cause and effece of a positve and negative charge.

Cross Cutting Science Concept

Cause and EffectCause and Effect relationships are routinely identified, tested, and used to explain change.Cause and Effect can be connected to all of the sciences in many ways. I chose a few that I thought were interesting.

Life Science

When I think of life science this can be the science of any living thing. Sense fall is upon us. A cause and effect would be cold weather causes the leaves to change and eventually fall off.

Physical Science

Earth and Space Sciences


A cause and effect of Engineering, Technology would be machinery. The machines are able to produce mass amounts of pf product. an effect of mass production is helping boost the economy by producing more goods for trade.

A cause and effect would be water erosion and how over time it can cause the land to change such as forming caves and sink holes

This link has multiple experiments that would be a great classroom resource. One I liked the most was caffeene and the effects it has on your heart rate. This would be a life science. Also this is something that can be related to real life.

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Hands on Minds on

Engineering, Technology, and the applications of Science


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