[2016] Alexandra Hvojnik: Cause and Effect

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[2016] Alexandra Hvojnik: Cause and Effect

3rd Grade Lesson

CauseA cause is why an event Happens. You have to have a cause to have an effect.

Tell me the Effects of these Causes1. I never brush my teeth so 2. I ate too much Ice cream and 3. The Doctor gave me a shot so 4. My teacher didnt give me a treat because .5. If you dont follow diretions then .

Cause and Effect

EffectAn effect is an event that happens because of a cause.Effects can be bad or good depending on the cause.

Examples1. If you eat your food too fast you will feel sick . 2. If you dont get enough sleep you will be tired .3. If you dont do your homework then you will get a zero.4. If you dont eat all your vegetables then you wont get any Ice cream.

Give me some cause and effect examples.What key words help you to know that these examples are cause and effect?to learn more about cause and effect you can visit: http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/ela4/a/causeandeffectl.cfm

Look for clue words such as If, Then, Because, and So.

If you dont tie your shoes, you could trip!


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