CT/Cat Scan

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CT/Cat Scan


A CT scanning is useful to get a very detailed 3-D image of certain parts of the body, such as soft tissues, blood vessels, lungs, brain, abdomen, and bones.It is often the preferred method of diagnosing many cancers. The image allows a doctor to confirm the presence of a tumor. The tumor's size can be measured, plus its exact location


A CT scanner emits a series of narrow beams through the human body as it moves through an arc, unlike an X-ray machine which sends just one radiation beam. The final picture is more detailed than an X-ray one. Inside the CT scanner there is an X-ray detector which can see hundreds of different levels of density. It can see tissues inside a solid organ. This data is transmitted to a computer, which builds up a 3-D picture of the part of the body, and displays it on the screen. The accuracy and speed of CT scans may be improved with the application of spiral CT. The X-ray beam takes a spiral path during the scanning - it gathers continuous data with no gaps between images. For a spiral scan of the chest, for example, the patient will be asked to hold his/her breath for a few seconds.

What Is Is Used For?

INVENTORThe CT Scan was invented by, Godfrey Hounsfield, an English Electrical Engineer in the year 1975.

How a CT scan works

Advantages/Disadvantages-CT scanning provides medical information that is different from other imaging examinations, such as ultrasound, MRI, SPECT, PET or nuclear medicine. Each imaging technique has advantages and limitations. The principal advantages of CT are:1. Better detail compared with ultrasonography.2. Relatively quick compared with MRI scanning.3. Most systems can be scanned, eg brain to leg. The disadvantages of CT are:1. High doses of radiation are involved in CT scanning2. Requires breath holding which some patients can not manage.3.CT scans of the brain can be affected by bone nearby.



The Prototype Ct Scan

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