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Cats Cradle

Cats Cradle

John then meets with Frank who asks him something he never would have expected. Frank did not want the responsibility of running a small nation, so he would have given the position to anyone that would take it. He only really cared about his own happiness so he didn't really care about the people of San Lorenzo. He offered the position to John because he assumed he would want it. John was hesitant at first but when told he could marry Mona Monzano he took the offer. Like other characters in the book he doesn't' think things through and only acts with himself in mind. During the celebration of the Day of the Hundred Martyrs to Democracy. Papa Monzanos time on earth was fading fast. He saw that he had a guaranteed successor and decided to consume Ice-Nine, killing him instantly. John questioned the Hoenikker children and they admit they had Ice-Nine and that was what killed him. Little did they know what a major mistake they had made. The children and John tried to clean up the mess and hopefully cover the existence of Ice-Nine. During the celebration one of the fighter jets crashes in a freak accident and destroys part of the castle. Papa Monzano’s body happened to be near the area of the crash and plummeted into the ocean. The ice nine, which was still inside the body, quickly spread into the ocean starting a chain reaction. While the water on Earth was quickly freezing, John and Mona took shelter in Monzano’s cellar to avoid the storms. After the storms clear they climb to the top of a mountain and see the damage done by Ice-Nine. Mona asks John if he would help the dead people if he could. When John didn’t answer, Mona touched Ice-Nine and instantly died. After Mona’s suicide, John went back to Frank’s house with Newt, Frank, and the Crosbys. Most of the others had died, including Angela. In the last scene John finally meets Bokonon, John asks Bokonon what he was thinking. Bokonon was writing the end of the Books of Bokonon, he essentially calls humans stupid and makes a joke of life. Which perfectly represents how Bokonon thinks and the main idea of the book.

Newt told John that he did not remember the day the bomb was dropped. He did remember however that he thought his dad was ugly and never really played with him. Except for the memory of his father making a cat's cradle. The Hoenikker children were clearly neglected and had little importance to Felix compared to his science. After speaking with Newt, John got little information about Felix. The next person he spoke to was Dr. Asa Breed, who helped Felix create the bomb. Before they met, he met a former classmate of Frank, one of the other children, who said he was reclusive and quiet. Finally when John met Dr. Asa Breed, he asked questions about the bomb and he became upset because he felt he made Felix out to be a sociopath who didn't care about the applications of his inventions. Which in reality was the truth. Before he left, he learned of a material called Ice-Nine which when put in water will instantly freeze all of the water molecules it comes in contact with. It raises the melting to around 115 degrees, which would essentially freeze the entire world over if handled wrong. His children each got some of the Ice-Nine before Felix passed, and they would use it to achieve whatever they want from life.

The novel begins with a man named John who wanted to write a book about the man that created the first atomic bomb, the one that ended World War 2. The book he was going to write was going to be called The Day the World Ended. He was a Christian before he started to write it. He later converted to Bokononism, a religion based on known lies Bokononists believed that people are seperated into karasses, or groups, that all play out gods will without knowing what they are doing. Felix Hoenikker was the man that created the bomb, and he was the man that John wanted to write his book about. Felix had already died by the time John set out to find more about him. He got the next best thing to Felix and went on a journey to interview the Hoenikker children. The wife of Felix died at an early age, leaving felix alone to raise the kids. Newt, Felix's little person son, was the first of the children he contacted.

Cats Cradle Part 1

Cats Cradle Part 2

Later on, John sees an advertisement about San Lorenzo. It showed Mona Monzano, who john instantly fell in love with, and Papa Monzano. Papa Monzano was the leader of San Lorenzo. He also noticed that a man named Frank Hoenikker was the Major General of San Lorenzo. Around that time, John took a job to write an article about Julian Castle, a millionaire businessman, who founded a charity hospital for the people of San Lorenzo. On the plane to San Lorenzo, John meets H. Lowe Crosby and his wife Hazel. Who wanted to move their business to San Lorenzo. Crosby tells John about the hook, which essentially capital punishment for any crime someone can commit. Angela, Felix's very tall daughter, was on the plane as well. She told some more details about her father but nothing about the bomb, which John almost completely forgot about. When John arrives, he meets with the Monzanos and Frank. Papa Monzano was visibly ill at this point, he then says that Frank will be the next leader of San Lorenzo when he dies. Mainly because of Frank science background and the fact that he has Ice-Nine in his possession. John goes back to his hotel and meets Philip Castle, Julian Castle's son, who was the owner of the Casa Mona. While talking to Philip, he gets a call from Frank to meet him at his house to discuss important matters which would change his life. When John first goes to the house, he meets Angela and Julian. Julian tells John about the origin of San Lorenzo and how Bokonon, the man that created Bokononism, influenced the country with his policies about religion.

Cats Cradle Part 3

-Logan Ennis-

Cats Cradle Part 4

"'What is sacred to Bokononism?' I asked after a while.'Not even God, as near as I can tell.''Nothing?''Just one thing.'I made some guesses. 'The ocean? The sun?''Man,' said Frank. that's all. Just man' (Vonnegut 211)".

"Bokonon suggested the hook, too, as the proper punishment for Bokononists,' he said. 'It was something he'd seen in the Chamber of Horrors at Madame Tussaud's' (Vonnegut 173)".

"Ice-Nine was the last gift Felix Hoenikker created for mankind before going to his just reward. He did it without anyone's realizing what he was doing (Vonnegut 50)".


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