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Cathlocism History Catholcism originated in 30 A.D in the Roman Empire. It was at first severly persecuted by the Emperors until the Emperor Constintine issued the Edict of Milan in 313 A.D, which lifted the ban off Cathlocism. Then in 325 A.D it was made the official religion of the Roman Empire. With this the church prospered and grew allowing more people to learn and accept it into their life. As of now 1.2 billion believe in Cathlocism.

Deities: The two and only most important deities are God and Jesus Christ.Prophets: Daniel, David, Elijah, Elishah, Isaiah, John, Moses, Jesus.Desciples: Peter, John, Andrew, James, Phillip, Nathanael, Matthew, Thomas, James the Less, Simon, Jude, and Judas.Foundational texts: The Bible and the Apocrypha, which is 13 jewish books written between the old and the new testament. It was at first in the Christian Bible but then was rejected by the reformers because it was sometimes used as a certain basis for the Catholic doctrines.Why It Is Unque: It belives that the church is the body of Jesus Christ and that you must be born again in the Holy Spirit to enter Heaven. Another thing is they pray to the saints for forgivness of sins instead of straight ot God. Also tey say that Cathlicism is the original Christian Church.Destinations: Heaven

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Cathlicism and the four other religions do not have much in common however they do share these things. They all believe in a life after death. With that they also believe that their specific religion holds true over every other.Also they all follow a set of guidelines and moral values like the Ten Commandments in Christianityor the five pillars of faith in the Islamic religion. Furthermore they share a founder and a Final destination and have their own religious symbols such as the cross.


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