Catholic Kings

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Catholic Kings

Isabel of Castile

Catholic Kings

Fernando of Aragon

The Catholic Kings(Los Reyes Catolicos) was the most influenced marriage in Spain's history. Isabel of Castilla and Fernando of Aragon gave power to the Reconquista, which reclaimed the Spanish territory by the Christians. The Christian army took total control over the Arabs in Granada, which marked the end of the Arab rule in the Peninsula; this was attained in 1492. The Catholic Kings also tried to expel all of the Jews in Spain, Cardinal Cisneros of Toledo believed it would be a good idea to do. Then a couple years later, the Spanish Inquisition(expel of all jews out of Spain) started which lasted 346 years, this was their first major attempt to stop the Jews. Isabel and Fernando had five kids, but there most significant one was Juana(La Loca). Juana La Loca was considered to be ‘crazy’ because she was so utterly and completely in love with her spouse, Carlos I (the handsome). She got locked up in the palace of Tordesillas for thirty seven years, she was locked in there until she died. Juana was married to both Carlos I of Spain and Karl V of Germany. He inherited the Spanish throne from his mothers side and the German throne from his father side. In 1519, He also has the throne of the Holy Roman Empire in France.

Most imporant influenced marraige

Henry IV

While Isabella was at a very young age, her half-brother Henry IV(Enrique) became king of Castile in 1454. Isabella and her mother were exiled, Isabella and her other sibling went to Segovia and the mother went to Arevalo. Henry IV was not doing really good on throne, so around 10 years later a group of nobles discovered that he had another younger half-brother, Alfonso. Alfonso became Prince of Asturias, and was on throne for about 20 years. A civil war began, Second Battle of Olmedo in 1467 and during this civil war, he died at the age of 14.He was in the civil war for three years and then died.This left Isabella the throne, but she didn't want to overthrow Henry IV in her name. So she was named his successor and she went behind his back and married Fernando of Aragon so she wouldn't have to marry someone her brother picked for her. Then in 1469 they unified Spain!

Pope Alexander VI

Prince of Asturias

Isabella was most known for her sponsorship of Columbus.


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