Catherine the Great

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Catherine the Great

Mostly known for her romantic entanglements and her questionable rise to power, Catherine the Great was one of the most influencial rulers Russia has ever had. Born in Prussia (now Poland), she was married off to the heir of Russia, Peter, in 1745. Although her marriage was tumultuous and unhappy, it did not last long. Soon after being crowned in 1761, Peter was killed under mysterious circumstances, leaving Catherine to rule. During her rule, Russia experienced major changes, such as expanding borders and modernization of thought and politics, leading Russia out of it's stagnant state and into the new age, joining the rest of Europe. These forward steps were all due to Catherine.


1729 - Birth1745 - Marriage to Peter III1754 - Gives birth to heir, Paul1761 - Crowned Empress of Russia/death of Peter 1785 - Charter of Nobility enacted1796- Death

Expanding Russia's borders into parts of Poland. Built schools for girls in MoscowSponsered the arts and cultural programs, including operas and ballets. Lessened the power of the upper class, calling for equality and political reform.


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Catherine the Great




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