Catherine The Great

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Catherine The Great


Catherine the Great was born on May 2, 1729 – 17 November 1796, she was the most renowned and the longest-ruling female leader of Russia. Her reign was called Russia's golden age. She was born in Stettin, Pomerania, Prussia and came to power at the end of the Seven Years' War, shortly upon which her husband, Peter III, was assassinated. Russia was revitalized under her reign, growing larger and stronger than ever and becoming recognized as one of the great powers of Europe.


1729 - Catherine The Great was born.1762 - Catherine became the ruler.1763 - She released her manifesto, inviting immigration into Russia from Western Europe. 1764 - She marked Poland’s borders.1767 - She formed a group of delegates in order to create a constitution and consider people’s wishes and ideas.1768 - She fought a battle against Turkey.1775 -  Catherine introduced a new system of local government.1783 - Treaty of Georgievsk was signed between King Herekle and Catherine the Great which made Kartli-Kakheti a protectorate of the Russian empire.1796 - Catherine the great died and was widely mourned.

- She extended the borders of Russia, acquiring the lands of Southern Ukraine and the Crimea.- Won several wars, namely against the Ottoman Empire.- She slowly went about reforming the government.- Took away all rights of Serfs after a couple brutal rebellions.- She directed the building of the Hermitage Museum. - Founded the Smolny Institute for Noble Girls, the first of its kind.- 1776 she created a major cultural institution, the Great Theater in Moscow.- She also increased the number of state and private schools.



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Catherine the Great


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