Catherine the Great

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Catherine the Great

Made herself Empress of Russia.· She extended the borders of Russia, acquiring the lands of Southern Ukraine and the Crimea.· Won several wars, namely against the Ottoman Empire.· She slowly went about reforming the government.· Westernized Russia.· Took away all rights of Serfs after a couple brutal rebellions.· She directed the building of the Hermitage Museum.· Founded the Smolny Institute for Noble Girls, the first of its kind.· 1776 she created a major cultural institution, the Great Theater in Moscow.· She established the Free Economic Society (1765) to encourage the modernization of agriculture and industry.· She promoted trade and the development of underpopulated regions by inviting foreign settlers, and founding new towns.· University of Moscow and Academy of Science became an internationally recognized learning center under her sponsorship.· She also increased the number of state and private schools.· She commissioned an impressive monument to Peter the Great - the Bronze Horseman.

When Catherine the Great industrialized Russia and brought it into the western way of life it drew closer ties with its neighbors.



Catherine the Great

Lasting Impact

Catherine the great was very much into the arts. Especially into opera. Here is the music to her opera titled, "Fevey."


Located in St. Pertersburg

•Born in Prussia,be known as Catherine the Great in Russia.•In 1744, Catherine to Russia and was arranged to marry Peter iii. •Catherine learned the language and culture to help her nation but her husband, peter, did not. •On 22 September, 1762, Catherine supposedly killed her husband and was placed in rule. •Catherine the Great took Peter the Great's goals. She expanded Russia and westernized it. •At 67, Catherine died of a stroke that led into a comma that she did not get out of.

Her Biography Video

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Catherine the Great (Poker Face)


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