Catherine The Great

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Catherine The Great

Catherine was a huge supporter of the arts and sponserd cultural projects in st. Petersburg.She also Had a theater and ballet studio builtCatherine didn't produce an heir until 8 years after her marrige, and it is still uncertain who the father really is.


Under Catherine The Great's rule she expanded the Russian borders to Polan. Russias involvemment with poland triggired a military conflict with turkeyCatherine gave back all the land to the churches when she took the throne from her husband Peter.

yekaterina Alexeevna also known as Catherine was born in Stettin Prussia.Catherines birth name was Sophie Friedrike Auguste.Born May, 2 1729Died September, 17 1789.Married the Grand Duke Peter.her husband later died of murder.

Love life

catherine is sadley remembered for her 12 lovers and not all her accomplishments.


Catherine The Great

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gregory potemkinCatherines main lover


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