Catherine Moore Barry

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Catherine Moore Barry

Wanted: Catherine Moore Barry

Brief Info

Catherine Moore Barry is the enemy. She told the enemy about our location. She has bronw hair. She is also wanted for tying up her kid to go and help the enemy. She is a very skilled horsewoman.She knows the sourrounding area very well.

Dead or Alive

She can be found DEAD or ALIVE. Try to find her dead. It would be a great deal of advantage for us. She would no longer be capable of telling our enemy of our location. If found alive please hand her in to the royal gaurds.. If found dead please report the body.

Look Out For

You need to look out for: A woman on a horse in the woods with brown hair.A slave riding on ahorse by the name of Uncle Cato.A woman with vast knowledge of the woods surrounding the battle grounds.A woman coming out of a near by house called: Walnut Grove .


If you see any of her kids her kids that go by the name of:John, Mary, Catherine, Charles, Richard, Margaret, Violet, Hugh, Polly, Alice. Any one of these kids will help with the search of their mother.

Glog by

Mackenzie Dolwer

If dead: $550If alive: $750


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    The painting on the right top of the poster is not Catherine Moore Barry it is Abigail Adams