Catherine Beyonce

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Catherine Beyonce

This is beyonce and Lady gaga they did a song together it called Video Phone .That song is a hit . They also have another hit called Tellephone .

Beyonce was in a group called Destiny's Child.they were a hit.They won 2 Grammy Awards for the song "Say My Name." After Destiny's Child Beyonce moved on to a solo cearer. Beyonce frist started of by singing with other people like Shikera,Lady GaGa, Shoun Poul,andJay-z. Beyonce is on MTV's total request.That is when they pass your songs over and over again.Did you Know Beyonce and Jay-z Are married for a long time and althoug they love each other they still dont have any kids.

This is Beyonce's dad(Mathew),mom (Tina),and siter(solange)


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    I love your glog I also love beyonce well anyways love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!