Catching Up with Chameleons

by chundle1
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Catching Up with Chameleons

Catching up with Chameleons

What can we learn?

Want to READ more about chameleons?

Chameleons are lizards that have interesting STRUCTURES that help them survive in their natural habitats. Can you identify these structures and how they help?

The EYES have it! A chameleon's eyes can move separately from each other which means they can look in different directions at the same time! Most of their eye is covered in skin. There's a tiny peephole in the middle that the chameleon can see through. The chameleon uses its eye to help catch prey to eat!



Chameleons have the ability to CHANGE colors. Watch below to see why and how they are able to do this.

Heads or TAILS?A chameleon's tail helps it move from tree to tree and stay balanced when finding food.

Watch a baby chameleon HATCH from an egg!

EATING in slow motion!

Chameleons vary in SIZE from as small as your fingernail to as large as a small cat.

Are you sticking out your TONGUE at me? A chameleon uses its long tongue with a sticky tip at the end to snatch unsuspecting prey easily and quickly.


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