Catching fire

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Catching fire

Catching fire I believe was set about 200 years into the future. The places where the book was set were in 12 different districts and the Capitol. In District 12, the main places where the Katniss went was the woods here home in victors village also her old house, and Haymitch's house.


Author: Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire

Name: Maya HoganClass: RedDate: 10/2/12

Protaginist: Katniss EverdeenAntaginist: President SnowFoil: Peeta, Gale, Prim, Katniss's mother, Haymitch, Effie, Finnick, Beetee, Johanna, Wiress.Dynamic: Pluterch Heavnsbee


Do you like the book?

Climax: This is when Katniss gets drown for the Quell for the female victor tribute. Haymitch gets drawn for the male but peeta volunteers for him as tribute.Falling Action: Katniss and Peeta are playing in the arena yet again

Resolution: There was a plan created by an undercovered group to break out katniss and Peeta as as soon as the Quell was annonced. This group inclueded the headgame gamemaker of the Quell, Pluterch heavnsbee. However Katniss nor peeta new about this plan. The resolution of this book is shoking!

I like the Book!

Exposition: Katniss is saying how the games has changed her life and where she lives and such. Rising Action: Katniss and peeta go on there victory tour.

I more then liked this book... I loved it! im not one to read but as I was reading this book I realized that reading isn't so bad after all. This book was amazing!



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