Catcher in the Rye

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Catcher in the Rye

Catcher in the Rye

Main Characters:Holden Caulfield Pheobe CaulfieldD.B. Caulfield Allie Caulfield Jane Gallagher StradlaterAckleySally HayesMr. SpencerCarl LuceMr. AntoliniMariceSunny

Main Events: Holden Caulfield is expelled from Pencey Prep. Holden visits his teacher Mr. Spencer, where he gets told that he should get his life together. Stradlater has a date with a girl named Jane Gallagher. Holden has been friends with Jane. Stradlater asks Holden to write his composition when he leaves for the date. Holden writes the composition about his brother Allie's Baseball glove. Holden says that he is dead. Stradlater gets back from his date with Jane and does not like the composition Holden wrote. They both get into a fight. Holden later packs up and leaves for New York a few days before he is supposed to leave Pencey Prep. He gets to New York, he gets a cab during the ride he asks where the ducks go when the pond in Central Park freezes over but the driver did not answer. He arrives at the Edmont Hotel to check in. Holden visits the lavander room, dances with three women. He goes into the loby and thinks about Jane. Holden leaves the Edmont and heads for Ernie's jazz club. During the cab ride there he asks the new cab driver where the ducks go after the pond in Central Park freezes over, but the driver gets irratated just like the first and does not answer. Holden find a woman his brother used to date at the club. He left and walked to the Edmont.The elevator operator named Morice offers to send a prositute into his room, and Holden accepts. The prositute is named Sunny, she and Holden did not do anything because he lised about having an injusy. Holden only gave her five dollars when she asked for ten and shortly after Marice and Sunny came back for the money. Marice punched Holden and then they both left. Holden goes to bed, when he wakes up he asks Sally Hayes, a girl from his past, out on a date. Holden eats at a diner where he meets two nuns. He tries calling Jane again but his mother answers and Holden hangs up. Holden takes a cab to Central Park to find Pheobe but she is not there. One of her schoolmates tell Holdent to visit the museum to find her. He visits the museum but does not go in. Holden then takes a cab to the Baltimore Hotel to find Sally. They go to a Broadway play, and then go skating. Holden asks Sally to run away with him but she refuses and asks why he can not be normal and go to college. Holden insults Sally and she runs off in tears. Holden calls Jane again but no one answers. He calls one of his student advisors named Carl Luce. Carl tells hhim to meet him for drinks at dinner. They meet up and have conversations about sex. Holden was very immature and Carl grew irritated. Holden gets drunk then calls Sally, he appologizes and tell her that he wants to come over. Holden goes to Central Park, the goes to his family'sapartment and sneaks in to see Pheobe. Holden tells Pheobe about the expolsion and she told him that he does not like anything. He then tells Pheobe about his dream of being in a field of rye and catching the kids before they fall off the cliff. Holden calls his former English teacher, Mr. Antolini. Holden stays the night, however he is waken up by Mr. Antolini stroking Holden's forehead. Holden leaves Antolini's apartment and goes to sleep on a bench at Grand Central Station. Holden goes to Pheobe's school and leaves her a note telling Pheobe that he is leaving home, and she should meet him at the museum. Pheobe asks Holden to go with him but he refuses. Pheobe cries, and follows Holden to the zoo. After, Holden takes Pheobe to the carousel at the park. Holden watches her go "around and around" in the carousel while it is raining and gets emotional.

Favorite Part of the Novel: Holden was writing the poem about his brother Allie's baseball glove.Least Favorite part: Stadlater and Holden getting into a fight after Stradlater got back from his date with Jane.


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