[2015] Caleb Hopkins: Catch-22

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[2015] Caleb Hopkins: Catch-22

The novel Catch-22 written by Joseph Heller captures it's reader with an interesting plot and strange characters. His use of diction and charactor development makes an interesting story that I personally enjoyed. Overall I give this book four out of five stars.


Yossarian Yossarian is the main charactor of Catch-22. He is very nervous about being killed by anyone and anything and, throughout the novel is constantly trying to get grounded. He seems to suffer from PTSD.The Chaplain In Catch-22 the Chaplain does his job faithfully, even through doubts as chaos surrounds him. Throughout the book he remains a loyal friend to Yossarian and tries vainly to help him get grounded.



Catch-22's setting is in Pianosa, an island located off the coast of Italy during WWII in Joseph Heller's words "This island of Pianosa...It is very small and obviously could not accommodate all of the actions described"(epigraph). Throughout the course of the novel charactors travel to the mainland octationally on breaks



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In the book one of the most powerful themes is fear. And why wouldn't it be? Several charactors in Catch-22 get their life cut short during the span of WWII. As Yossarian struggles through the war attempting to spare his life he often freaks out in an attempt to be acknowleged as crazy. At several points even walking around naked naked in protest "'I don't want to wear a uniform any more'"(260). This fear, relates to the real world in that Yossarian takes fear into his own hands and does crazy things to cope with his fear sometimes sacrificing his sanity.

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Six Word StoryThat is some catch, that Catch-22


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