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Middle Ages Catapults

Educational Catapult Video

Simple Catapult

6. Soldiers loaded large stones or other objects onto the catapult.7.Burning materials, gunpowder, and dynamite were shot from catapults, too.8.The first catapults were built by the Greeks in the 300's B.C.9.Today, catapults are used to launch airplanes.10.A catapult was a war machine.

These are complex catapults. They has multiple pulleys and levers.

Simple catapults only have one pulley and one lever.

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1.The word 'Catapult' comes from the two Greek words "kata" and "pultos"2.Various types of catapults were used by the Chinese, Greeks and Romans3. Introduced to England in 12164.Building a Catapults required considerable design and building skills.5.Catapults worked like giant slingshots.


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