Catapults from middle age

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Catapults from middle age

The first catapults were built by the Greeks in the 300's B.C. Today, catapults are used to launch airplanes from the decks of large ships called aircraft carriers. Soldiers often used catapults in attacking and defending walled cities. In the Middle Ages, castles with surrounding moats were the usual targets for catapults. Burning materials were sometimes shot from catapults, and eventually cans with gunpowder, dynamite, and poison gas were fired from them. Catapults worked like giant slingshots. During battle, soldiers loaded large stones or other objects onto the catapult. Then they released a twisted rope which would cause a beam to spring forward. This caused the stones or other objects to be hurled through the air with great force. Burning materials, gunpowder, and dynamite were shot from catapults, too.

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