Catapult Launching (Valerie Green)

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Algebra I

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Catapult Launching (Valerie Green)

In the graph the maximum height/vertex is marked as (0.59, 6.3). This means that the heighest point the ball reaches is 6.3 feet at 0.59 seconds

In the equation h=-16t^2 + 18.99t + .67 the initial vertical velocity is 18.99 feet per second, and the initial height is .67 feet (8 inches). -16t^2 represents gravity.

h=-16t^2 + 18.99t + .67

The zeros of this graph are (-0.03, 0) and (1.22, 0). (1.22, 0) represents how long the ball stays in the air before hitting the ground. (1.22 seconds)

The initial height (.67 feet)of the ball is shown by the y-inercept on the graph.

Catapult LaunchingValerie Green

The photos show the catapult (made of a cup, spoon, and rubberband) and my ammo (fluffballs)



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