cat tash and german : the nazi party

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cat tash and german : the nazi party


Catherine Hompesch

Tashia Fantasia

German Ponce

The Nazi Party

The Nazi Party was created to promise Germany one monetary system for Europe one flag on European nation one army work and food for all and no borders

The Nazi party was formed as the German Workers party by Anton Drexler, Dietrich Eckhart and Gottfried Feder in 1919

The Nazi movement was an ideological movement founded in 1919 and led by Adolf Hitler. Based on ideas of German racial superiority, it promoted territorial expansion, blamed the Jews for the ills of Germany and called for their removal from the German society. It gave rise to the Nazi Party, which came to power in 1933 and implemented its ideologies. The party's platform of twenty five objectives, published in 1920, was formulated by Hitler and Anton Drexler and included militaristic, nationalistic, social, economic, and antisemitic clauses.

The Nazi Party was established on February 24, 1920



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