Cat - Russsian blue

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Cat - Russsian blue

Russian Blue

Grooming CareWith little bit of grooming needs the Russian Blue is the perfect pet. Such a short hair coat, they only need to be brushed two times a week. Nail trim when needed and a bath to stay clean and fresh. Most important, you'll need to clean their litter box. Cats have a very high particular about their hygiene.

The Russian Blue was once known as the Archangel Cat, not for their angelic temperament but because they originated in the Russian port city of Archangel. They are aslo known as Archangel Blues too. The Russian Blue was known as could have been a wealthy or queen cat. Queen Victoria. Who happened to be a cat lover.


Health Concerns:The Russian Blues don't have many. They have generally healthy. The one thing as a owner, you might ned to watch is their appetite. They come from Russia and they can have a hearty appetite and they could bcome overweight.

Attention:Their quiet cats. Even on the little timid side when it comes to new guests. Very rare if you see them when people come over. Once they warm up to you, they will start going by you.

AffectionThis type of cat is pretty reserved but sooner or later will warm up to you. It'll be loving. And will even play with you and even want to sleep with you. Help you with homework, prepare meals. And will be by your side when your sick.


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