[2015] Andrew Kieran (1st Life Science 2015): Cat Evolution

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[2015] Andrew Kieran (1st Life Science 2015): Cat Evolution

Egyptians 10,000 years ago, were the very first people or civilition to domesticate cats. Cats were not every good protectors but they did help with rodent problems. All though cats were not very useful they were worshiped by the egyptions. they were a symbole of grace and poise by the egyptions.

Egyptions by domesticating cats they affected other civilisations. By domesticating cats it helps make different types of cats and breeds. And till this day we still breed cats.

Importants of egyptions

Domesticating cats

The very first cats that originated lived in asia. As time went by they migrated to other areas. Each migration took a evolution turn for every migration and turned more panther like. Because of this it created a rainbow of speices. This is how the cat like the lynx, ocelots, and leopards came to be.

DNA of the cat family

Cats have been around for around 20 million years. They have evolved over the very many years. alot of the reason is because of the enviorment.

How cats evolved or adapted

The common house cat has pink soft feet used to walk on rugs and grass.

Fun Fact: The proalirurus was about the same size as a common house cat.

Fun Fact: Cats have been on this earth for about 30 million years.

Mountain lions are used to walking on rough terrain and rocks. So they have rough hard feet




Evolution Of The Cat


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