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Social Studies
European history

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1)Castles were often built on hill tops.2)They were built to defend and protect people living inside it.3)Some castles had rivers of water surrounding them to prevent tunneling under it(moats).4)At the top of castles,it was shaped like teeth so knights could shoot arrows at enemies.5)Some castles had drawbridges that could be pulled up to prevent acces across moats.6)The well was an essential easy access of water.7)A castle had many parts of it,not just one big part.

8)The first castles were called motte and bailey castles.

9)They started making castles out of stone because it was a stronger material and hard for enemies to bring down.

10)The main building in a castle was called the keep.


Work Cited:Castles were a central feature in the political and military system of feudalism.


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