Castaneda v. Pickard

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Castaneda v. Pickard

Case Tried on August 17, 1978Appealed June 23, 1981Tried in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas.Appealed in the U.S. Fifth Circuit of Appeals.

Raymondville, Texasat Raymondville Independent School District of Texas (RISD)


Roy Castaneda&His daughters:Elizabeth Castaneda &Katherine CastanedaV.A.M. "Billy" Pickard



Castaneda V. Pickard




Mexican American Parents (Castaneda) felt that the RISD was violating his children's rights. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, and The Equal Education Opportunitities Act 1974. The district used a system called ability tracking which groups students based on their 'abilities'. The school district used this to place all of the Mexican American students into a group. They also had discriminated against Mexican American staff, which statistically proved that a % of their own staff was little to no Mexicans working. They had also at the time had not developed a bilinigual program to assist ELLs.

“It was civil disobedience that won them their civil rights.” -Tariq Ali

What happened afterwards? At the time there was nothing to assist ELLs, so nothing could be measured as to if they were working or not. This allowed to impact the ELLs positively. This allowed school districts enable to ELL programs which can help students break that language barrier and give each student the equal opportunity to succeed and learn in school.



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