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Cast Off

.-Friendship-Family-Determination-Fairness/Unfairness These are the Big Ideas I chose for my book report. You are probabaly wondering why I chose these Big Ideas. I chose friendship because Petra and Bram's friendship is quite strong even at the beginning of the book. It teaches all of us that if we really need to and we are a good friend, we will keep eachother's secrets. Next I chose Family because the book wouldnt have even been possible without Petra's dad abusing her in the first place. Also in the book, (spoiler alert) Bram's dad dies and it really shows us how important family is. I also chose detemination for one of the Big Ideas because Petra must of had to be pretty determined to have the courage to pretend to be a boy. I would have never had the courage and determination to do that. Also in the book, she was determined to try and help all of those poeple on the ship with the Plauge even though it was a deadly virus. The last Big Idea I chose was fairness/ unfairness. This played a big role in the story, because it really showed how things were fair and unfair to a lot of people back in the time this book is based on. Bram mentioned something about how he was only allowed on the boat if his Father promised on his life that Bram didnt go anywhere near Dutch land unless they were in a port. Even if they were at the port, he wasnt allowed to get off and had to stay put on the boat. This is why I chose those 4 Big Ideas.

Bram Broen is the main boy in this story. They don't exactly give a good explanation as to what he looks like. They did however, say something about him being a medium sized Mestizos (mixed race person) who used to live in Java before coming onto the ship "the Lion". He is a brave soul that befriends Petra. His mother died when he was younger, so he came to live with his dad on his ship. He is an intelligent, hardworking boy that is trying to help a girl, survive on a ship full of boys, while trying to get the Captain of the ship to write a note to the Dutch athorities so he can be adopted by his father. He is very fast thinker and is skillful at fixing and building things. Also he is witty and calm even when he is doing something that could possibly hurt his reputation if someone found out. If I had a choice to become friends with him i would because I know that he would always have my back no matter what I ask him to help me with. This is the Second main character, Bram Broen.

Petra de Winter is the main girl in this story. She has long, blond hair and blue eyes. She is a witty girl who lives in the 1800's. Her father was very abusive towards her and his maid. She ran away from him and stowed away onto a boat going through the Atlantic Ocean. She is a very pretty girl who has many skills when it comes to cooking, cleaning and sewing. That comes in handy when she has to pretend to be a boy on this boat. Her boy name on the boat was Albert Jochims. She is also a very good at lying which is bad, but is really handy when having to make sure she isnt thrown off the boat because she is a girl. She is a very kind person wgo uses her skills to help people on the boat "the Lion" that she stows away on. When the ship is affected by the plauge, she still helps to save as many lives as she can. She is a very intelligent and cooperative person who is reliable and dependable. I would love to be her friend because I feel like she would cover for me and make sure that I feel nice and welcome in any situation. This is the first main character, Petra de Winter.

CharacterPetra de Winter

There are three main settiings in this book.These are Petra's home, the "Lion" (a boat) and the home of the Van Meerhofs. First of all, before I explain the settings, let me tell you a little more about this book. This book is based in 1663. This is a time when people were very racist and cruel to those of an African American backround or if they were African American themsleves. Do not be affended by thee books because theyv are just stating the facts of whta happened to those people back in the 1600's. Now back to the Settings. The first setting is Petra's home. It is described in the book as an eeire place where Petra is beaten by her father. Other than that, it is not really described. The second place is the Van Meerhof's home. This place is described as one of several simple buildings that had walls of unpainted wood and thatched rooves. The third and final place i will be talking about is the "Lion". It is a large boat. the main areas that are talked about on the boat is Petra's hideout, the soldiers deck, the surgeons office and the crews quarters. They are all in the smae area of the boat. They are located in the backish, middle part of the deck. The Surgeon's office is where Petra spends her days as Albert Jochims helping out the hurt and the sick. Her hideout was just under the Surgeon's office. it was a stuffy area with no air holes unless she secretly snuck up into the supply closet where there is an air hole. The soldiers deck is an area where 200 soldiers are crammed in na area where you can't even stand up. When Petra was staying under them before she decided to pretend to be a boy to survive on the boat, she always could hear their shuffiling from above. When the plauge hit the boat they all had to stay in that area (even if one of the other soldiers were sick and get sick as well. These are the three main settings of this book.


Cast Off

Cast Off cover

"You must go see the Captain. I've already spoken to him." "It was over, then. My fate was in the Captain's hands. "As you wish," I whispered. "As I wish." Clockert signed. "I assure you that precious little in this life is as I wish."

Eve Yohalem is an amazing author. She was born in Mt. Vernon, New York. She lived with her parents, older sister and may pets from time to time. She studied music and literature in University. Her two favourite things to do were singing and reading. She went to Brown University and afterwards became and Opera Singer. Her first novel, " Escape Under the Forever Sky" was published on November 10, 2011. Since then she has written many other books including Cast Off, Grandpa Hates the Bird and Starry-Eyed. She now lives in an apartment in New York City with her husband, two children and Two cats. she hopes you enjoy redaing her books!

Author:Eve Yohalem

-Historical I chose Historical to be my Genre. I feel like this is a good fit for this book because it is based on true things that happened back in the 1600's. People were not very nice to the African Americans. I dont know why but appearently people of that race were not properly treated back then. Also I feel like many things like this could have happened in the time. Also they did travel on ships and there were pirates back then, so it would make sense in a book like this. This is why I chose this as my Genre.

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I absolutley loved this book. I found that it really taught me about how much women's rights have changed and how much the world had changed. I originally chose to read this book because my Grandma gave it to me for Christmas and i had no other books to read, so i read this one. Boy, I am glad I did. If i had to rate this book from 1 to 5 i would rate it a 4. the book was great and i learned a lot, but at some parts, it was just boring. i would also recommend this book to anyone who is interested in history because it is based on alot of historival events. i think everyone should read this book because it was amazing for mke to read!

Petra de Winter is a twelve year old girl who is Dutch. When she runs away from her abusive Father, she makes a daring decision to stow away of a Dutch Merchant ship. Bram Broen is a twelve year old boy from the East Indies. He has worked on the boat called "The Lion" ever since his mother died. Bram finds Petra in the cargo with chickens and helps her disguise herself as a boy so she won't be forced to return home to her abusive father. Thye change her name to Albert Jochims and turn her pretty coat and dress into overalls and a shirt. Along the way, they encounter many difficult tasks including being keelhauled, the plauge, pirates, Eva van Meerhof and worst of all making sure her secret is kept safe. Her secret is found out by the one and only Clockert the doctor on the ship. He tells the Captain and eventually her and Bram are thrown off the boat and into the ocean. they are left alone to fend for themsleves. Who knows if they survive? For secrets have a way of coming out at sea...

CharacterBram Broen

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