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Cassie's Blog:)

I am reading a book called Loser by Jerry Spinelli this book is about a boy named Donald Zinkoff who has always been the nerd of the school. He is unathletic and a little weird but nice. he has always dreamed of becoming a mailman like his dad and finally got a chance to. He is not allowed to go to work with his father on the real Take Your Kid to Work Day so he gets his own Take Donald Zinkoff to Work Day. Donald then writes one hundred letters and delivers them. On the job Donald meets an old woman. The old woman becomes friends with Donald. When Donald runs away from school because he doesn't want to go to field day, he goes to see the old woman. One winter night when Donald is older, he hears on the radio that a little girl has gone missing. So he goes out searching for her in the alleys an streets for seven hours. It turns out that the little girl Donald was looking for had been found shortly after she had beenfound by a man in a snow plow. and everyone had been looking for him.



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