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Cassandra Clare

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Cassandra Clare

I love the London setting and the era this book is in, the Plotline is forever surprising me in many ways especially when they found out that De Quincey wasn't the Magister. I like how the book had action scenes and detailed descriptions of them. I especially love the witty comedy in this book, it never ceases to make me smile reading the character's witty comments and sarcasm. This book is a bit similar to The Inventor's Secret. In both of them the main character had to pose as someone else to get into a certain place or society. Both of the books have a "secret" society in where they hide. I believe the theme of this book explains quite well. I have experienced this before, losing a friend. I once lost a friend, because I told her a secret. She told her friend, her friend told other friends (her friend's friends were not particularly my friends), then I found out that it spread. I had to have a chat with my "friend" about it. Even my closest friends can lose my trust quickly and swiftly by spreading something that makes me look bad. The theme goes well with the book since Tess's brother Nate betray's her and the Institute to Mortmain.

This book had me in suspense in quite a bit of it. I was waiting for Jace and Sebastian to show up any minute in the book. I love how the author was able to switch the atmosphere of the book between London, and New York, and back again. I can definitely sense the character growth between the first book and this book which gives it a realistic look at the characters. Over all this book was a great book to read, very hard to put down with all of the plot twists and turns, and I would recommend this book to anybody who likes fantasy, action and suspense. I support this theme because I once got pinched and they thought it was fun to pinch me, because of St. Patrick's Day. Of course I didn't find it fun, because it hurt and I don't like getting pinched. It may have been fun to them, but it wasn't a good thing to do. A book similar to this one I have read is called Mockingjay. Both of the main characters are trying to get their partner back from the villain. Clary tries to find a way sever Jace from Sebastian and Katniss is trying to help Peeta untwist his tortured false memories.

I think this book is recommended if you are into fantasy and a little, ok a lot, of romance and horror. This writer likes to put a lot of romantic tension in the book making the character really in love with the other, while her friend is also double dating two supernatural girls if you were to read pages 33-46. It feels like the writer likes to put in a lot of mystery in this novel, therefore making this book much harder to put down. I find this book similar to Crescendo (second book of the four book series to Hush Hush) in a way, because the boyfriend seems to have issues that make the girlfriend(main character) worried or jealous but then they find out why it’s happening and they try to find a way to fix the invisible gap between the two. When the gap is finally gone which is near the end of the book, they hangout for a little ten fifteen minutes, then all of a sudden a tragedy happens. Jace gets abducted in this book like Nora does in Crescendo leaving both of the endings in suspense for the next book to be read. I sort of like that type of plot especially the suspense.

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Cassandra Clare was born on July 31, 1973 in Tehran, Iran. She is 41 years old now. She was born as Judith Rumelt to American parents, Elizabeth and Richard Rumelt. Elizabeth was an author and Richard was a business man. They traveled a lot in her early years. She once lived a whole month in a backpack when she was a toddler, because her parents were trekking the Himalayas. Cassandra and her family had lived in France, England, and Switzerland before she was the age of ten. Cassandra lived in L.A. in her High School years. During those years, she had written small books to entertain her classmates with. In College, she took writing lessons but wasn’t interested in them. Cassandra almost lost her will to be a writer until she reread some of the books she loved to read as a child. After college, she was a tabloid journalist and worked part-time at a children’s bookstore. She started up on writing as a full career in 2004. From there, she wrote her first novel City of Bones. Cassandra now lives in Massachusetts with her husband, her two cats, and more books. Judith uses Cassandra as a pen name, because she wrote a small novel for her classmates called The Beautiful Cassandra that was based on Jane Austen’s short story that goes by the same title. The short story later inspired her pen name. Her novels that she has written so far are The Mortal Instruments series: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost souls, and City of Heavenly Fire, the prequel to TMI is The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess, and the books that goes alongside these series is The Bane Chronicles and The Shadowhunter’s Codex.


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