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Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare Glog by Jenna Harrinarine

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Having had an adventurous childhood travelling with her parents from Iran to France, England and Switzerland, Cassandra Clare found a much needed familiarity in books. Clare developed a love for books and went everywhere with one as a companion. She discovered her joy in writing through short stories intended to amuse her classmates and later established her name writing Harry Potter fan fiction. Clare has ventured from working at entertainment magazines and tabloids to creating action-packed compelling and descriptive stories fused with fantasy, horror, romance, humor and drama which young adults love. Having moved to writing fantasy fiction full time since 2006, she has found immense satisfaction and joy in her work.

Bound by Lilith’s magic to Clary’s part-demon brother Sebastian, Jace has become an unwilling servant to evil and has been kidnapped. Join Clary and the Shadowhunters on a rescue mission which ultimately leads them to challenge both Heaven and Hell.

After witnessing the gorgeous gold-haired Jace and his fellow Shadowhunters committing murder, Clary and Simon faces the supernatural as she ventures to rescue her mother, uncover her past and recover the Mortal Cup before Valentine can destroy the world.

Fantastic Fantasy...

Delve into a New York where love and danger is encountered in an action packed adventure. Clary and Jace’s relationship becomes plagued with drama as they face an unthinkable evil, manipulating them towards a disastrous end. Can they survive?


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