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Language Arts

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-FDR is president leading up to WWII.-He was running for a third term.-Before his reelection tension was rising in Europe because of Hitlers plot.-Hitlers armies were strongest by 1940.-United States allies are at war with Germany, FDR wants to attack and help but he cant because of the neurality act that he signed-To keep his allies at his side FDR sends many destroyers and American fleets to aid Britain

Pearl Harbor Effect

-America draws closer to war now that FDR ordered to help Britain and intervein with Germany's war. -Tension rises between Germany and America, and the bond with the Japanese gets worse and worse. They disagree since FDR and Government doesn't like their rein over Indochina.-FDR cuts off all trade with Japan for not complying to his request to back out of China.-On Sunday December 7th 1941 Japan invades Pearl Harbor and nearly destroys the entire American Pacific Fleet

Leading up to WWII

His qualities were-Outstanding leaderGreat decision makerSkilled plannerDedication to his country

Leading up to WWII

-FDR immediatley apppears at a join session before congress and signs a declaration of war against Japan. Germany and Italy both join Japans side.-Roosevelt has allies of his own that he has spent good quality time with to aid a situation as of war. He is great friens with Great Britains prime minister, he will have FDR's side in this war.-The whole Country is in shock. But it is up to FDR to take immediate action and make good decisions as leader of the United States.


FDR and his choices/strategy in warfare

-During the war FDR was a resolute war leader, constantly on the radio reporting of the war to U.S citizens and rallying the American people with great optimism and determination.-He shows dedication by going to the map room every day in the white house to recieve and study briefings on all of the fighting fronts.-He did not interfere with day to day military actions but was deeply envolved in global strategy.- FDR was making a new powerful weapon. A powerful nuclear bomb he wants to place in the center of Japan.-He was mobilizing the biggest military force in history of 15 million people. -The United States gradually begins to overtake the war and is winning.

After the war

-The war is over and FDR and his country have won, with the aid of Britain-FDR does all he can for the jews at this point. Although he is blamed for not acting sooner to save jews, but he had to worry about his own country at the time.-FDR was an outstanding leader in a time of hardship showing resiliency, leadership and envolvment in his countrys cause.


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