Casey Anthony

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Casey Anthony

Caseys personality can be best explained as Psychoanalytical.Casey shows severe case of denial, trying to improvise and says it isnt so. She states she did not kill her daughter "She seems to make an excuse at every turn," McGraw said in response to Cindy's responses, adding that sheis "very much in denial.TVpsychologist even stated he does not believe or agree that George molested his daughter, that family dysfunction can more likely explain Casey's behavior.

Process of Denial

Name: Karina and Trayneisha ..

She lacks in having a superego"No consciouse" as she constantly lies throughout her trial.One of the lies Casey Anthony told from early was about the investigation of her daughter’s disappearance. She was convicted of telling in her criminal trial that there was a nanny invlovled named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez. These are her high sense of defense mechanisms to protect her self.

Lies go on.......

Casey Anthony A.K.A"Tot Monster" (Psychoanalytical)


Casey anthony acuses her father of molestation and problems within the family. It's normal to come home and experience frustration but she takes out her frustration on others, and she could have possibly taken it out on her daughter. Theres a lack of connections and dysfunctional communication patterns, also She could have experienced many things with trauma with incest and narcissism within her household causing this frustration.




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