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Case study with GlogsterEDU

*Pupils are listening and reading their lessons in EFL Classroom using their glogster textbooks. They are practicing reading in their own pace

*Kids are writing digital glog-letters to penpals. They are choosing thetext and their own design of the glog

*Kids are making glogs with a word 'peace' in foreign laguages of their eTwinning project partners. They find the world with a google search and study it by making the glog. The last thing is to tell the word in both languages.

*Kids are doing a test preparation. All are writing exersices in their notebooks and the first who is ready with right answers starts completing the test - glog and other students could check their answers.

*Kids are doing a test preparation in a computer lab. All are writing exersices on their test-glogs set as a project work.

*Kids are doing self - test checking.They have true answers on a glog and a scale for self assessment, so they find their mistakes and grade their work.

*Kids are doing a test preparation. All are using glos with visual aids and write in their notebooks on their own pace. They have also studied how and where to find this glog and finish all unfinished tasks at home.

*Kids are creating digital posters on topic "My dream" After they made the projects glogs they presented them before the class.

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