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Case Four


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According to Indiana University School of Education, proper online etiquette is defined as "the set of rules for behaving and interacting properly online."

Review, Review, Send! Make sure to review what you type because you won't get it back once you send it.(Kent State)

Follow the Golden Rule: Make sure to treat people how you want to be treated.(Indiana University)

Be Professional!Follow correct grammar and avoid abbreviations. Avoid offensive language. ( and Kent State)

Respect Other's Privacy!Make sure to check with them before fowarding their emails or sharing other information(Madison College)

Stick to a PointDon't ramble. Get your point across as simply as possible(Madison College)

Don't type in all caps. It will look like you're yelling.(Madison College)

Why is this Important?When you are online, you communicate differently than you do face-to-face. Therefore, you need to ensure that you come across the way that you want to. It is harder to read people's emotions and true intent of their responses online so you have to be careful to ensure that you are correctly understood.Madison College. (n.d.). Online etiquette guide. Retrieved from

Why Should Educators Care?They need to care in order to avoid the following consequencesfor both them and their students: -Hurt People's feelings-Offend people when you didn't mean to-Negatively Affect your reputation -Potentially lose your jobAs educators, it is especially important that you follow the correct rules so you can set a good example for your students. If you do not follow the rules, you cannot expect your students to follow them.It is also imperative that you make sure your students know how to interact in an ever increasing technological age so they be sucessful in the future.Shea, V. (2011). The core rules of netiquette. Retrieved from

Test It!Make sure that after you type out everything, say it out loud to make sure it will make sense to someone else reading it. (Madison College)

Read through these Guidelines to Know How to Act Online

Sources:-Madison College. (n.d.). Online etiquette guide. Retrieved from State University. (n.d.). Online etiquette. Retrieved from University. (2010). Distance education. Retrieved from

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