Cars of the Great Gatsby

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Cars of the Great Gatsby

The cars in The Great Gatsby symbolize the American Dream, and how it affects manydifferent types of people.

George owns a garage that sells and fixes up cars. His business with his cars (American Dream) is not successful. Also, the dust on the car symbolizes that he is lazy about acheiving the American Dream."...[T]he only car visible was the dust-covered wreck of a Ford which crouched in a dim corner." page 25

"The dream was amended to mean ownership of the 'right' kind of car, symbolic of the 'right' social status."-Stephen W. Sears

Gatsby's car represents his wealth and his cowardness. His cowardness is from waiting for years just to approach Daisy. Also, his car is bright to attract Daisy. This is one of his carelesspossesion for gaining her. The outside of his car is gold (old money which he tells people that he has), but on the inside of hiscar, we find the truth that he has new money (green). The green also symbolizes Gatsby's jealousy over Daisy. Nick describes the car as cream. Cream is a mixture of Gatsby's gold and Daisy's white. Finally, Gatsby has thick glass for protection against getting hurt or failing at his goals of Daisy."Sitting down behind many layers of glass in a sort of green leather conservatory, we started to down." page 64

"The colors of Gatsby's car—cream exterior (two witnesses of the accident describe it as "yellow") and green upholstery—together suggest fulfillment of Gatsby's dream. Green is the color of promise, and in a memorable night scene Gatsby stretches out his arms toward the dark water, toward a single green light that burns at the end of Daisy's dock."-Luis Girón Echevarría

Tom's car is blue. In this book, blue represents fantasy and unhappiness toward reality. Tom wants things to be better with Daisy, even though he doesn't show it. This car shows hisinternal feelings, but his temper and lack of love bumbarden it.

Gatsby's car also symbolizes how the American Dream can cause death. Because of Daisy's jealousy, Myrtle was killed by Gatsby's car driven by Daisy. Myrtle believed that the driver was Tom, but it ended up being Daisy- the death of her. This symbolizes how Myrtle was chasing after the American Dream (a wealthy man aka Tom), but doing that ended up killing her.'"t all happened in a minute, but it seemed to me that she wanted to speak to us, thought we were somebody she knew. Well, first Daisy turned away from the woman toward the other car, and then she lost her nerve and turned back. The second my hand reached the wheel I felt the shock--it must have killed her instantly." page 143-4


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