[2016] Cristopher canales: Cars

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[2016] Cristopher canales: Cars

May 14th 1886The first motor car was invented by Karl Benz

July 19th 1903The first Ford motor company opens in Canada by Henry Ford

The first radio was installed in a commercial car

October 30 1953 Lamorghini was founded by Ferrucio Lamborghini

June 19th 1947 The airbag fit in a motor car

June 4th the first disel powerd passenger car was invented

November 16 1908 Henery Form made his first model called The tin Dizzle

July 4th 1916Windshiled wipers fit into a motor car

May 4th 1958 Seatbelt fit a mototr car as standerd equipent

The Car Evolution

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