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CarrieBy: Stephen King

Carrie is a girl that discovered her telekinetic powers. Carrie had been abused during her whole life, physically, and emotionally by her mother and her peers at school. After she discovers her telekinetic powers she starts "playing around" with the people that had messed around with her she viewed this as neccessary revenge.



The main theme of the novel is the need for love and affection. If we look back in the story we can see how Carrie had never recieved love or something similar and the way she acts its not with the purpouse to hurt anyone, she just wanted to protect herself.


-Carrie white-Margaret white-Sue Snell-Chris Hergensen-Tommy Ross-Rita Desjardin-Bily Nolan

"What none of them knew, of course, was that Carrie White was telekinetic.""Imagine Chris Hargensen all bloody and screaming for mercy. With rats crawling all over her face. Good. Good. That would be good. […] Crush in her head with a rock, with a boulder. Crush in all their heads. Good. Good.""Momma said that Satan had reserved a special blue corner of Hell for Elt."

I don't recommend this book to anyone unless you like horror and fiction (Its really not very scary)




The story takes place in Chamberlain, Maine, 1979


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